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Project 4_Self-Portrait

By listening to the student tutorials and exploring Photoshop more in depth, I created a self-portrait for my final project.  The basic idea for my project stemmed from my interest in typography and how text can be used in a composition.  I used the text tool to create a layer over my face that included many of my life stories, goals, and some of my favorite quotes.  My biggest problem with this project was deciding what I wanted to do, and how far to go with it.  If I were to redo this project, I would probably add another layer of text in the background which would create a composition with more movement.  With the tutorials, both online and in class, I was able to further my knowledge and understanding of photoshop and create a self-portrait that reflected myself.

For Project 3, I created a collage in Photoshop CS5 depicting the element of proportion.  I decided to base my collage on a circus because of the surreal atmosphere a circus can create.  I played with the proportions of the people and animals to create a surreal composition that i felt reflected the circus atmosphere.  As one of my first experiences in Photoshop, I struggled with understanding the different tools and techniques.  My biggest problems were importing images at the right size–to fit cohesively with piece.  Through the project, I learned many of the basics of Photoshop and created a piece that successfully demonstrated proportion.

My second project was based on the work done by graphic designer, Paula Scher.  I utilized her use of text in her designs to create a Broadway poster for the show, Mary Poppins.  The most difficult part of this project was trying to arrange the words and reviews to depict the shape of Mary Poppins’ famous umbrella.  Through this project, I learned the techniques of a successful graphic designer, and how I could reflect them into my own artistic style.  I think my portrayal of Mary Poppins on Broadway was a success, and I don’t think I would change anything about my final  design.

For my first design project, I created a logo for a compass.  Because the compass is used to create perfect circles, I created a circular composition for the design.  I used Adobe Illustrator CS5 to create shapes and lines in order to portray the compass.  Most of my problems occurred in the design process, deciding which direction to take the logo to best promote my object.  Doing the project again, I probably would have made the lettering more cohesive with the design, having the circle itself form the lettering.  For me this project demonstrated the importance of simplicity in designing a logo.

Project 2_Proportion

For project 3, I chose the proportion as my element of design. I plan to use proportion to create a unique relationship between various objects.  I looked at the artist Rene Magritte, who utilized the element of proportion to create distinct compositions.

Paula Scher

Born in Washington, DC, in 1948, Paula Scher has become one of the best graphic designers in the United States.

After graduating from the Tyler School of Art at Temple University in Philadelphia with a BFA, Scher was awarded a Doctor of Fine Arts Honoris Causa by both Corcoran College of Art and Design, and Maryland Institute College of Art.  In the 70’s, Paula Scher worked with companies like CBS and Atlantic Records designing album covers, before moving on to art direction in magazines.  She worked at Time Inc. until starting her own design firm known as Koppel Scher.  During her career, she has been presented with hundreds of industry honors and awards including the Chrysler Design Award for Innovation in Design, an AIGA medal from American Institute of Graphic Arts as well as an induction into the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame.

Paula Scher has designed for countless companies.  Some of her most notable design work includes:

  • Citibank
  • Coca-Cola
  • Time Magazine
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • Metropolitan Opera
  • NYC Ballet
  • NY Times
  • GQ

Currently, Scher is a principal at the New York office of the Pentagram Design Company, one of the largest/most successful design firms in the world. Here’s a link to her recent work with Pentagram:

One of Paula Scher’s most prominent (and one of my favorite) logo’s was done in 1998 when Citibank paired with Travelers, a then insurance giant, as the largest merger in the world.  The famous Citibank logo was created on a napkin, and incorporated both the Citibank name, and the Travelers’ red umbrella.  Here are pictures of both the napkin sketch and the transformation of the Citibank and Traveler logos.



Minus Front:



Project 1_Object 2

The Offistamp has both a unique shape and purpose.  The rotating rubber bands easily move to convey many different dates and numbers to represent an entire year in just a small stamp.

This plastic compass has a unique shape, that is easily shifted to form a wide range of diameters.  The circles within the design of the compass resemble the shapes the object is intended to make.

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